Happy New Year, and a brief apology.

We at the Hen Da Ne staff… No, that’s not right. Hey, so I’m the new guy Sam, or Regris as most people know me. I’d like to personally apologize on behalf of Hen Da Ne and it’s staff as the website has unfortunately not been properly maintained for at least a month. This unfortunately means a lot of unaccounted for emails and purchases, but rest assured, these are being addressed as they’re found and dealt with with the customer in mind.

The actual situation behind all of this was frankly a sloppy change of hands from one set of management to my lap, of which the responsibility mostly lies on my shoulders. While I am unable to go back in time to fix my mistakes (No phone microwaves in sight, alas), I will see that all matters are resolved and dealt with on a case by case basis. If you have a question or think I missed something, please email me at samuel (at) hendane.com.

That said, I’d like to discuss the future of this website. As a vendor, our website admittedly is not our strongest point. Those who know us likely know us from conventions, as it is hard to miss the most iconic of our staff yelling his lungs out at any given show, our president Bryan (The yaoi guy). However I would like to take steps into giving this website it’s own means of success that isn’t just stirring up fangirls like a big-eyed broadway show. I’m going to try to, every Wednesday, submit a review of a doujin circle, game, or music and keep the convention schedule (coming soon, by the way) updated as well as I can. Even if you don’t come to buy something, I hope to at least give you, the reader, a bit of a “Oh, that’s cool” sentiment.

With that in mind, I look forward to working with you all and hope that your experience with Hen Da Ne as far away from the “hen” part of our name as possible.

Regris Kallen (samuel (at) hendane.com)

El Psy Congroo