[Doujinshi, Touhou] Circle RED-SIGHT

Hello again, all. This is Tythanin, the guest writer, back again. Instead of talking about a really old music circle that doesn’t really make music anymore, I’m going to talk about an old doujin circle that doesn’t really make doujins anymore (okay that’s sort of a lie). The group in particular I’m talking about is RED-SIGHT, a circle that has a rather distinctive style that I love. They still have an active blog and pixiv account, so it’s not like they’re totally dead. Then again, the last time they submitted something was an illustration at Comiket 80, but I definitely hope they bring something good in the later comic markets.

Now, on to the meat of the article, namely: What the hell do they do? Well, RED-SIGHT is an all-ages group (from what I know, they haven’t made porn at all although theres an ero Hatate picture they made) that focuses mainly on the character dynamic between Renko Usami and Maribel Han, the two side characters that ZUN made in the side-stories. They also have a Reimu-centric doujin (Border of Phantasm), a Nue-centric doujin (Nuesis), and a Satori and Koishi doujin (Pure Jade Anthocyanin). Don’t ask me where they got the name for that, I don’t know. As you might expect, the main pairing is Renko x Maribel, which makes me giddy because I’m a sucker for good romantic yuri and I happen to like Renko and Maribel a lot for reasons I don’t know.

I mentioned the distinctive art style before and while you can get an idea by just looking at their pixiv page or their blog, I think it’s best by showing off a page from one of their doujins.

Also an excellent source of reaction images.

I’m not an artist so it’s not like I can really say all the technical details, but really what strikes me about RED-SIGHT’s work is that it’s very angular looking. The curves are a lot sharper than other circles just as Saku Saku Tei, Gokusai Color, or Haniwa’s Store. I’m not even sure why I like it that way, but I think it separates them from the other doujin circles and give RED-SIGHT its own flair.

Now, onto the actual stories. While I did mention that they do non-Renko x Maribel doujins, 3 out of the 6 that I’ve read are Renko x Maribel and you can pretty much qualify all of them as romantic fluff yuri. While the setting and the situations differ in all of them (one takes place mostly in Gensokyo, one is after they become a couple, and one is simply set at their school), in the end it’s a happy ending. I think they have great skill when writing these short romantic stories and I really do wish they had more so I could show them off. You’re also bound to find at least one that caters to your taste. Saccharine Kiss is the dramatic one, Lover’s High has the most ‘heroic’ setting, and One Shot, One Kiss is, in my opinion, the best because it combines comedy with romance and also introduces the ‘real-world’ counterparts of Aya and Hatate, Ayaya and Hatatan respectively. It’s great.

And to close this article off, how about the first page from the first page of One Shot, One Kiss?

Renko: Mary! Today, for one day, kisses are forbidden!
Maribel: Σ(゚Д゚;)