[Doujinshi] Circle Energia

What, did you think this was going to be written by Regris?

Too bad! It’s just a guest author again!

Anyway, today I’ll be talking about a doujin circle named Energia that I found out about thanks to the amazing Puella Magi Madoka Magica doujins they released in recent Comikets. They didn’t actually start with releasing PMMM doujins. In fact, their first release was a doujin of a comedy, slice-of-life manga called Hyakko. The group mostly focuses on happy, lovey-dovey style yuri doujin, although there are exceptions. For their Hyakko doujins, their main focus is on Torako so if you’ve read the manga and like the character, then it’s your job to hunt them out. I’m sure some of the Torako x Touma doujins have already been scanlated (because I’ve seen them) so you’re certain to find them if you bother looking.

When PMMM came out, however, Energia decided to simply devote all their time to PMMM doujins, although to be fair, that was only the last two comikets. Their two releases are actually related to each other and feature an absolutely adorable Sayaka x Kyouko dynamic which, as an unabashed yuri fan, makes me so giddy inside. Of course, the setting itself was modded a little bit to make sure that those two can enjoy life together (unlike in the anime).

Energia’s artist, Pikachi, has a very soft, rounded art style that’s well suited for the fluffy comedy that they release. You shouldn’t expect hardcore action scenes (or hardcore H for that matter), but Pikachi doesn’t skip on the porn scenes in the doujins. I wish I could say more about how much I like the art or stuff, but really there aren’t any words I have to describe how much everything just fits together. The art, the storylines, and the dynamics are just way too good. If you ever get your hands on these doujins and are a yuri fan, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy them.

By the way, this isn’t completely unrelated, but I swear to god, this guy on Pixiv named Momochika is part of the group. Or at least does some of the art. Or is the same person but has two names, like he’s an evil twin except he also draws KyoSaya and isn’t evil.

I mean, I know it says on the cover that it’s a different circle but COME ON. LOOK AT IT.

I don’t care if it’s unrelated, the world can always use more KyoSaya.

Pikachi’s pixiv.

Momochika’s pixiv.