Katsucon and the Weather Adventure

Hey guys! Katsucon wasn’t too long ago and now you get to hear about it!

This show is a favorite for us because we get to see a lot of people that we really enjoy just hanging out with. This is also the show where the dreaded Otakon sign-ups, also known as WHY ARE YOU PUNCHING MY FACE TO GET A BETTER SPOT IN LINE, takes place. We also had a few weather related issues that kept staff from getting there in a timely manner, but that’s alright!


After many zany adventures with American Airlines, full of madness, spite, and a hate I have never known, all of us finally made it to Katsucon in a MOSTLY timely manner, DESPITE the cold snowy weather. Though we were met with cookies and delicious alcohol brownies made by our good friends Barry and Bob! Bribing us with food is the easiest way to our hearts.

They may LOOK ordinary, but dear god are these things good.

We also got some good dinner and good food with a lot of good people at McCormick & Schmick’s, a nice fancy restaurant we happen to enjoy! Everyone had a good time, with jokes and stories, brushing hair,  painting nails, and…look everyone had a good time ok?

A few of our favorite people! Not pictured: our other favorite people!

On a side note, the Otakon sign-ups ended up being a lottery system, so less people got punched over getting their favorite spots. Efficient, and less hurtful, I can get behind that!

After a weekend full of travel delays, crazy weather, and awesome people, I got on the plane to see this guy staring into my soul.

“Hello, I’ll be your guide to madness as I stare into what’s left of your psyche. Welcome aboard!”


Till next time in JAPAN! (Again)