Ohayocon- “Ohayo, Ohio!”

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year, but we’ve had some juggling of staff and a lot going on, and as usual the poor blog is what gets the least amount of love as a result.  But now that we have some new faces on board, let’s go update the food blog that […]

Ohayocon and Food!

Let’s talk about Ohayocon!


First off, sorry about the delay in the post, a few staff members have been moving around, and between packing boxes, juggling schedules, and the Seahawks winning, a few things got overlooked! We’ll try to be more punctual from now on!

So Ohayocon. Let me first say it was […]

New Years in Japan!

Alright everyone, first blog of the New Year!

I figure since we go to Japan so often, we’d cover only a few different points, so we’d always have something different to talk about each time! So here we go!

I have to say going to Japan, one of the things we all look forward […]