Con Schedule

2017 Schedule
This is only a schedule of our confirmed shows, more will be added upon confirmation of attendance!
We’re still waiting to hear back from several shows, so this list will be updated as we go along the year!

January 13-15th
Columbus, OH

Desucon Frostbite
January 27-29th
Lahti, FI

February 17-19th
National Harbor, MD

Japan Restock Trip

Anime Boston
March 31 – April 2nd
Boston, MA

Anime Matsuri
April 7-9th
Houston, TX

Kawaii Kon
April 7–9th
Honolulu, HI

Anime Detour
April 7-9th
BLoomington, MN

Sakura Con
April 14-16th
Seattle, WA

Japan Restock Trip

Anime Central
May 19-21st
Rosemont, IL

May 26-28th
Raleigh, NC

Anime North
May 26-28th
Toronto, Ontario

June 8-11th
Dallas, TX

Anime Mid-Atlantic
June 16-18th
Norolk, VA

Desucon Summer
June 10-11th
Lahti, FI

Japan Restock Trip

Anime Expo
July 1-4th
Los Angeles, CA

Anime Midwest
July 7-9th
Rosement, IL

July 15-16th
Kuopio, FI

Japan Restock Trip

August 4-6th
Montreal, Quebec

August 11-13th
Washington, DC

San Japan
September 1-3rd
San Antonio, TX

September TBD
Tampere, FI

Japan Restock Trip

Anime Weekend Atlanta
September 28-October 1st
Atlanta, GA

New York Comic Con
October 5-8
New York, NY

October 27-29th
Portland, OR

Anime NYC
November 17-19th
New York, NY

November 3-5th
Hampton, VA

Anime USA
December 8-10th
Washington, DC

2018 Japan Restock Trip


Unconfirmed Conventions
These are conventions we have contacted, but haven’t gotten confirmation that we’re attending yet.

Paris Manga
March 25-26th
Paris, France

April 28-30th
Lancaster, PA

Anime St. Louis
May 12-14th
St. Charles, MO

Colossal Con
June 1-4th
Sandusky, OH

August 17-20th
Dallas, TX

Nan Desu Kan
September 1-3rd
Denver, CO