[Doujin Music, Touhou] Circle WAVE

[Doujin Music, Touhou] Circle WAVE

For the second article in this little event, I’m going to cover WAVE. Now, WAVE is a circle that’s always been close to my heart. The first time I’ve heard their music was with the Symphonic Caprice/Fantasia dual release at Reitaisai 3 and I basically fell in love […]

[Doujin Music, Touhou] Circle Kimino Museum

For part one of our two parter musical double header totally awesome power hour, I want to discuss a circle that Hen Da Ne has come to know personally, in a way. As a ‘second generation’ of workers for HDN, it may seem like I pointlessly fawn over some of the things my […]

[Doujin Music, Touhou] Circle xi-on

Before I get to talking about the circle itself, I would like to make it apparent that I’ve actually had my head in the sand for at least the past year insofar as Touhou arrangements go. That being said, I’d like to take a moment to extend thanks to everyone on IRC and Twitter […]

[Doujin Music, Touhou] Circle NEUTRAL (Formerly =NeutraL=)

Well hey all, the name is Tythanin and I’ll be kind of maybe working as a guest author for this extremely fabulous Hen Da Ne blog that my friend Regris is working on. That’ll teach me to offer a suggestion about having guest authors. Anyway, it’ll be my pleasure to talk about the world […]