[Doujinshi] Circle 434 Not Found

It’s time for your neighborhood blog yurifan to write another article again! It’s been quite some time since I’ve done anything here, but hey, someone gave me a subject so I might as well follow up on it! Today, I’ll be talking about a circle that I’m particularly familiar with and by […]

Pre-Otakon Scramble!

Before I ship off to Baltimore, I wanted to tell everyone going to Otakon just what to expect!

We have Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, and Mahou Tsukai no Yoru for a Type-Moon Extravaganza! Speaking of visual novels, we also have Minatosoft’s Majiokoi S and Alicesoft’s Daiteikoku!

The very rare Grief Syndrome game has once […]

We’re Open Again!

I had meant to make a post about this but then life hit me like a truck full of doujinshi.

Actually I just got hit by a truck full of doujinshi.

Okay, it was a car. Details.

Anyways, we’re open again! Please check it out! As a warning, I’ll be gone from Tuesday night […]

Temporary Closure

Hey there, your friendly HDN Webmaster reporting in. We’ve been a bit busy the past few days so the amount of content we usually put out has been reduced. We’re very sorry for that! But once we get things sorted out, you can be assured things will be back in working order. 🙂

Because […]

Vocaloid Wednesdays

Otakon is on the horizon so there hasn’t been much time for news of any sort. However, in our lack of updates we make up in…slightly exciting occasional updates.

On the heels of our successful partnership with several Vocaloid circles during Anime Expo, we’ve held aside a number of these fine Vocaloid products for […]