[Doujin Music, Touhou] Circle NEUTRAL (Formerly =NeutraL=)

Well hey all, the name is Tythanin and I’ll be kind of maybe working as a guest author for this extremely fabulous Hen Da Ne blog that my friend Regris is working on. That’ll teach me to offer a suggestion about having guest authors. Anyway, it’ll be my pleasure to talk about the world […]

Touhou Tuesdays

After a rather long delay, we’ve begun putting up doujinshi from the ever popular Touhou Project series of games. For our customers who are hoping for some fine ero, you will have to wait for another update as we are focusing on the more work-safe variety of material.

We’ve got some fantastic books from […]

AnimeFest 9/3 - 9/6

We will be once again heading back to fabulous Dallas for steak and AnimeFest this weekend. We will be bringing the usual assortment of doujinshi fun, Touhou Project madness, and delicious fabric products for all to enjoy.

On top of this, we will be having several promotions and new items exclusively for AnimeFest. What things are we talking about? Well, hit the jump and you shall find out! (more…)

Otakon 7/29 - 8/1

Hendane! is heading east this weekend for more mayhem at Otakon in Baltimore, MD. As with last year, you can find us at booths 111, 113, 115. Not content in just having Otakon’s fine attendees receive the “leftovers” from Anime Expo, we made the trek back to Japan to bring an even more gargantuan selection of doujinshi, games and fine fabrics for the discerning clientele at Otakon. Make no mistake of it!

In addition to our finest selection of new material, we will be running several promotions for Otakon including an exclusive giveaway only for Otakon.

Check out what we have in store for Otakon after the jump. (more…)

Sakura-Con Touhou Promotion だぜ

For all you Touhou Project (東方) fans attending Sakura-Con, we have a promotion just for you! We have been fortunate enough to acquire a large selection of fabulous Touhou Project postcards and pencil boards from Japan and would like to pass these goodies on to you.

So what’s the catch? Simply stop by Hendane!’s booth during the weekend and purchase $20 or more in Touhou merchandise and receive your choice of one postcard. Purchase $40 or more in Touhou merchandise and receive your choice of one pencil board. There is no limit as to how many you can get and you can mix it up if you like. For example, if you purchase $100 or more in Touhou merchandise, you can choose 2 pencil boards and 1 postcard, or even 5 postcards.

Please keep in mind that supplies are limited so don’t wait or you may miss out on the goods you want. Come on by and take it easy with us!

For images and circle information on the promotional goods, hit the jump! (more…)