Doujin Sundays

We’re trying to stay busy as we continue barreling towards the last leg of 2010. Some small changes have been made to the site to make things a bit more navigable. A link to the latest products up on the site has been added to the sidebar. Normally, only 6 new products are displayed at any given time, so it isn’t very clear if that’s all we added or if there is more. The next additions we are looking at working includes a way to make it easier to know when products have been restocked.

In terms of new product, we have a handful of fantastic sketch books from circle Yellow Tag who is perhaps most famous for work on the anime series Bakuretsu Tenshi and the eroge Mahou Shoujo Ai. We also have some extremely erotastic and cute books from circle enuma elish who has also worked on some amazing h-manga as well.

That’s it for now. Till next time, folks.