Charity Doujinshi for Disaster Relief in Japan

As many you may know, on March 11 of this year the Tohoku Earthquake caused widespread damage and loss of life with recovery efforts that continue to this day. Joining alongside others who have made the efforts to support disaster relief in the Tohoku region, Hendane! has teamed up with the Japanese Society for International Cultivation of Mutual Friendship to sell a doujinshi for the sake of disaster relief. The doujinshi, titled “Little Hands” features gorgeous illustrations from a veritable who’s who of Japanese artists including a number of international artists as well. Proceeds from the sale of this doujinshi will go directly to the Japanese Red Cross for the sake of disaster relief in Japan. This doujinshi will go on sale at Anime Expo this weekend and will also be made available at Otakon and online sales.

Hit the jump for more details on participating artists and samples from the doujinshi itself.

Little Hands features black and white illustrations from 11 Japanese artists, 4 French artists, 1 American artist, and 1 Thai artist. It can not be understated the star power contained within its pages. Little Hands has one stated theme and that is one built around the Tohoku region and what it means to everyone. A simple theme that conjures up powerful feelings.

Without further ado, let’s introduce a handful of the artists and samples of their illustrations.

Yoshitoshi ABe

The name Yoshitoshi ABe should be rather familiar to anime fans given his work on such popular series such as Haibane Renmei and Serial Experiments Lain. His image comes with a message praying that recovery will come to the Tohoku region as soon as possible.

Noizi Ito

Fans of the light novel series, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu and Shakugan no Shana should take notice of Noizi Ito’s cute schoolgirl illustration. Ms. Ito’s image also comes with a message that expresses the hope that the flower of smiles bloom.

Takeshi Nogami

Takeshi Nogami is known for his series of Strike Witches works such as Witches of the Sphinx and his long running series of alternate reality naval combat doujinshi, A Century of the Ocean. Mr. Nogami encourages others to spend tourism dollars in Touhoku, famed for its hot springs and fine sake.


Galou has made a name for herself having worked on the illustrations on the light novel series Ash Maoh Fukkatsu which was written by the late author Mugen. She has also designed the adverts for the first few years of Japan Expo and is well known in the French fanzine community.

Jason Robinson

American artist Jason Robinson is known for his work on the comic, The Demon Mages, as published by Angry Viking Press and has also had a hand in creating illustrations for video games as well. In addition, he has recently started doing work in Japan having worked on a color illustration for doujin music circle UtAGeMUSIC’s please be well album which was released at Comic Market 78 last summer.

This is but a sampling of the amazing art that is in this doujinshi. As stated earlier, the doujinshi will go on sale at Anime Expo at the price of $10. Great art at a great price and for a good cause. You can’t go wrong with that.

For more details on the project, please visit the JSICMF website for the press release.