Vocaloid Wednesdays

Otakon is on the horizon so there hasn’t been much time for news of any sort. However, in our lack of updates we make up in…slightly exciting occasional updates.

On the heels of our successful partnership with several Vocaloid circles during Anime Expo, we’ve held aside a number of these fine Vocaloid products for our web customers who may have not had the chance to attend Anime Expo or got to us right when things sold out. It happens.

We have in stock a number of copies of music CDs by Penguins Project, including an original vocal collaboration between them and Ritsuka. Tasogare Holic by Scripted city Revised. is also in stock although we have a very limited number of copies. The kagamination 2 CD and doujinshi set is also available now but is equally as limited.

You can get details and listen to samples of these CDs via our Promotional page.