[Doujinshi] Circle Atelier Miyabi

If you are into the yuri genre at all, you have probably heard or seen Atelier Miyabi’s work. The name of this circle comes from the main artist’s name, Fujieda Miyabi, an artist that has been doing works for a long time and specializing in primarily humorous or romantic yuri. Atelier Miyabi’s focus is less on adult material, and more light-hearted fluffy comedy. It’s sometimes romantic, sometimes action-y, but usually the underlying theme is about young girls in love and they do this well. Reading their works is pretty much a good way for me to unwind and get an enjoyable chuckle or two. To my knowledge, Atelier Miyabi is composed of three members: Fujieda Miyabi, Minamoto Hisanari, and Mizuki Maya.

I’m rooting for you, Cozy-san.

Known prominently for both his frequent turnout of doujinshi as well as serialized manga, Miyabi Fujieda strikes me as the “my pace” kind of guy who just enjoys whatever he’s doing. Having followed his twitter feed, I’ve seen him take his time on future works, using that clean looking, elegant style that has a touch of warmth to it. In my personal opinion his design style makes his characters a little tall, but I feel that’s usually so he can work on clothing designs. The way he draws, softly singing along to whatever J-Pop album he has on, shows his devotion to his craft as he works away on a tablet screen. This is also evident in his writing, which aims to produce a delicate, but meaningful warmth in the reader.

I’ll take two beef bowls, extra meat.

Minamoto Hisanari I believe worked as an assistant to Fujieda Miyabi for a time, and as such the two have very similar artistic styles but with notable variation, particularly in the line style and shading techniques. It also seems like his characters suffer less from CLAMP-style proportions and generally His actual material is usually pretty good, and I did enjoy his Madoka doujins quite a bit (Denliner *and* a Back to the Future reference? :awesome:) for their humor. I would like to see more of his works but I’ve only really seen a couple of things, so I can’t comment on them much aside from liking his sense of humor.

The cuteness hides the necrophilia jokes well.

From the three books of Mizuki Maya’s that I’ve read, I have to say I laughed a lot, but in a way that made me feel like a horrible person. Her artistic style leans towards more the super deformed and cutesy, but then these overly cutesy characters suggest something like necrophilia and I have to shake my head. I get rather similar feelings from Circle Jishou Seijunha (Hiroyuki, aka Bloomer-kun and the guy who brought us “A cat is fine too”) which I’ll probably cover in a later article. I do like her works and would love to get my hands on, and sell more of them.

All in all I really like this circle a lot, and I’m going to try to personally get more of their books in our store. Thankfully they cover a large variety of shows and genres (Touhou, K-On, Tiger & Bunny, Madoka, Haganai) and aren’t limited to simply yuri, so there’s something for just about everyone in stock. If there’s interest in it, I would also like to carry some of their original manga, but I feel that might be in limited demand. Drop me a line if you’re interested though!

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