[Doujin Music, Touhou] Circle xi-on

Before I get to talking about the circle itself, I would like to make it apparent that I’ve actually had my head in the sand for at least the past year insofar as Touhou arrangements go. That being said, I’d like to take a moment to extend thanks to everyone on IRC and Twitter that helped me out when I had to hurry out a list for our Japan shopping trip.

Thank you. Its your guys’ input that makes us a better business.

That aside, let’s move on to the main topic. I’ve only been recently introduced to the circle xi-on, but I do really like what I’ve heard from them. For those who don’t know of them, xi-on started their first releases in 2008 and have been making Touhou arranges since then, currently having eleven albums under their belt. They’re primarily a progressive rock band with touches of a jazz theme and interesting implementations of otherwise nontraditional instruments. (Forgive me if I mangle terms, I slept through musical study in college)

A good example of what I’m trying to convey would be with this track and how it blends the piano to convey the melody of the tune, while you have an awesome set of rock/metal instrumentation backing it. It’s these otherwise unorthodox blends of style that I personally appreciate. Your mileage may vary, but I eagerly look forward to this circle’s future offerings to the Touhou music scene.

And one more track for the road!

You can keep up with xi-on’s work and upcoming releases at their website! And hopefully we’ll soon have plenty of their CDs to sell! And always, if you have good music to recommend to us, email us!