[Doujin Music, Touhou] Circle Kimino Museum

For part one of our two parter musical double header totally awesome power hour, I want to discuss a circle that Hen Da Ne has come to know personally, in a way. As a ‘second generation’ of workers for HDN, it may seem like I pointlessly fawn over some of the things my predecessor did. And it’s true, I do to a degree think that I may overblow some of his accomplishments. But some of the things he did for the company, and moreso the community, were simply amazing. And one of those things was establishing a relation with the circle, Kimino Museum.

Kimino Museum as a circle is pretty high quality, all told. Their styles are a mix of jazz and rock inside baroque trappings, of which are executed quite well in my opinion. Also I’ve never heard such a well done accordian before. They probably have some of the better vocalists I’ve heard insofar as Touhou arranges go, and not jumping towards the denpa style that Iosys and Innocent Key (which have plenty of their own merits) does is rather refreshing. All told they’re probably one of my higher ranked circles for music.

And then there’s the palette compilation. For those of you who ran with us in 2010-2011 you probably recognize, or better yet, own a copy of this. This is one of those products that I wish I could supply to every one of our Touhou fans. Being a two CD compilation, the first CD is kimino museum’s awesome work and the other disc is full of really awesome artists (SYNC ART’S, Shishimai Brothers, k-waves LAB, just to name a few). On top of all this, the album came with an extremely professional looking binder loaded with beautiful art and lyric sheets printed on some heavy duty card stock.

The merits of Kimino Museum’s style are numerous and definitely a good circle to keep an eye on for their solid instrumental style, if that’s your cup of tea. Their website contains all of their album and twitter information as well, so if you want to keep tabs on them just check out the link below.