[Doujin Music, Touhou] Circle WAVE

[Doujin Music, Touhou] Circle WAVE

For the second article in this little event, I’m going to cover WAVE. Now, WAVE is a circle that’s always been close to my heart. The first time I’ve heard their music was with the Symphonic Caprice/Fantasia dual release at Reitaisai 3 and I basically fell in love with it. I’m a sucker for classical, but to be fair I’ve never had to endure the rigors of musical theory or playing a violin, so that might be why I still like it.

As a circle, WAVE has three two primary members and a loose circle of musical talents that may be featured on any given CDs as guests. Tadahiro Tsuchiya, alias MORRIGAN (Yes, the one from Darkstalkers. Check out his Soundcloud) who does most of the composition work and Azrael=Robin, who is primarily their lyric writer. While there are also other dedicated members doing management and art and similar jobs, I’m going to focus mainly on the music.

Since most communities, gaming, music, et cetera are pretty close knit in Japan, it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of cross-pollination with other groups and composers. In their recent pursuit of original works though, they basically grabbed two of my favorite vocalists, Katakiri Rekka and Noriko Mitose. I’m basically going to spend the next paragraph or so hyping one of their newer albums, so if that’s not your thing just check out the media links, they’re worth your time if my ranting isn’t.

So, thanks to the wonder that is Twitter and a small musical discussion, one of WAVE’s recent original CDs caught my attention. And, well I started listening to it… And then something happened. On this CD alone you have an extraordinarily well done (To me, at least) compilation of songs spanning several genres and languages, composed masterfully into an album of concentrated goodness. As of this writing, they have a second album out (Released last December, if I remember right) that’s basically a continuation of this one. Do want.

Anyways, that’s enough of my gushing for now. Look up WAVE and check out their works. Below you’ll find all the relevant circle information as well as what’s probably my favorite song of their Sekigan no Eden album.