[Doujinshi] Circle Acid Eaters

For some reason it feels like it hasn’t been a week since my last article. I dunno. Maybe I’m high. Either way, I’m back with a new entry and this time, by popular request (one, I think?), I’ll be covering a group called Acid Eaters. And by group called Acid Eaters, I really mean I’ll be covering an author/artist named Kazuma Muramasa because that’s who’s credited as the author/artist for the group and I can’t find any other information about Acid Eaters besides the artist. And not only that, but Kazuma Muramasa has a lot more stuff outside the Acid Eaters circle so… better article, I believe.

But anyway, let’s start with the circle’s contributions to the wonderful world of doujins first. Frankly, I had no goddamn clue who this group was until I bothered looking up the name on a certain H-doujin compilation site because…well, I had never heard it. Turns out I actually had read one of their doujins before but it was credited under Kazuma’s name instead of the circle’s name. From what I can tell, this is a mostly yuri circle. I say mostly because there’s an Infinite Stratos doujin and I do not know whether or not there are hot dickings in it. Considering what I know of IS, it’s full of hot Charl dickings.

Like a kotatsu, amirite?

Anyway, besides that ONE Infinite Stratos doujin (which I can’t even find), the rest of his stuff is purely Pretty Cure, one of which has actually been scanlated. I don’t know why his work is so…unknown by English audiences, but literally there’s only one doujin transated and even his one-shot stuff in H-magazines are all translated in other languages but like…only one in English.

Speaking of said doujin, you can buy it here! (HINT: Not in English.)

It’s probably cause Acid Eaters is fairly new, its first doujin coming out on…New Year’s Eve of 2010. Well okay. As is the case with most Pretty Cure, this is all yuri (from what I know. There really aren’t that many scanned that I know of) and you’re looking at Cure Beat yuri and then the typical tsundere Hibiki yuri and then their newest one released in C82, Electric Pretty Cure, which is a Cure Peace doujin if the naked Cure Peace on the cover didn’t give it away.

Now, that’s already good enough. Nice selection of Pretty Cure yuri (although come one can someone give me a circle that doesn’t just draw PC? It’d be a nice shift). But what’s more important about this Kazuma Muramasa is that he does a hella lot more than just Acid Eaters stuff. You might recognize his work from a little game called Lightning Warrior Raidy. That’s right. Same artist. Goddamn BLEW MY MIND when I first found out then I thought “oh right there sure is a lot of monstergirl lesbian sex in this game ‘saaaaaall good”. He’s also done a certain eroge called Cosplay Fetish Academy that is ALSO in English.

This game. This one right here. This is Raidy. Thank god for convenient hair censors.

Wait what the fuck, why are his eroge in English and not his H-magazine one-shots or his doujins. That’s bullshit. Goddamn. Someone needs to fix this problem. Not me, because I certainly don’t have the money to commission this shit or buy a hard copy for myself, but surely you, the loyal readers of this blog, can do it. So uh…chop chop. Get to it. Dude has a really, really nice art style and a ton of yuri (and het stuff in the H-magazines) that’s untranslated so you should get to it.

Of course, the Lightning Warrior Raidy magazine one-shots are all translated from what I can tell because goddamn. Lightning Warrior Raidy. Lesbian monstergirls. You can’t go that wrong with that, can you?

PS: Dude doesn’t have a pixiv what
PPS: His official website has a shitton of random fan-art from stuff like Zegapain, Idolmaster, Aquarion EVOL, Ragnarok Online, and original art as well.
PPPS: Dude also has a pack of alternate Kafra art if, for some reason, you’re stuck in the last decade and you still play Ragnarok Online for some reason.

Acid Eater (Kazuma Muramasa)’s Official Website