Ohayocon and Food!

Let’s talk about Ohayocon!


First off, sorry about the delay in the post, a few staff members have been moving around, and between packing boxes, juggling schedules, and the Seahawks winning, a few things got overlooked! We’ll try to be more punctual from now on!

So Ohayocon. Let me first say it was the coldest convention we’ve ever been to!

Winter wonderland, until you realize that there are at least 45 dead yoko cosplayers out there underneath that white snow.

Temperatures in the single digits, and wind chills in the negative teens. Yeah. COLD doesn’t begin to describe it.

Trust me, however warm this guy was inside, the minute he stepped outside he became a frozen, nutritious, horseicle.

Other than the crippling cold, it was a great time had by all, and many a delicious foods were eaten. There was one thing however, that was pretty much constant through out the weekend. Caramel, peanut butter, and chocolate all lumped into one piece of popcorn. This unholy trinity of deliciousness was readily available in a shop downstairs for mere DOLLARS.

Crack, but cheaper, more delicious and you only have to inject it directly into your femoral artery once, while simultaneously shoving as much in your mouth as possible. I may not know how crack works.

Despite Columbus being the cold callous heart of the arctic “polar vortex”, it is home to many distinct restaurants. One particular tradition for us is a place called Schmidt’s, a German restaurant that’s been around since 1886, and hasn’t really changed anything on its menu in that time.

So much food. That’s all we really do here at Hen Da Ne according to some. We just sell doujin to fund our food habits. I’m here to tell you right now, that is entirely and utterly true. It’s all we live for. What delicious thing will enter our tummies next?

Ohayocon was great, and we loved every minute spent INSIDE with all the attendees.

Till Katsucon, and our reports of more food, and good friends!