Ohayocon- “Ohayo, Ohio!”

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year, but we’ve had some juggling of staff and a lot going on, and as usual the poor blog is what gets the least amount of love as a result.  But now that we have some new faces on board, let’s go update the food blog that is the main part of our site!  This is @Kortir this time with the write up, because the writing bug hit me at 3am of all things.

Fortunately Ohio this year wasn’t nearly as cold as it seems to have been last year, and so much the better for it.  That isn’t to say it wasn’t cold, because it WAS, but there weren’t any flight delays or massive piles of snow dumped on our heads and the temperatures stayed above zero, so that’s improvement right there!  The van still turned white from all the road salt this year again though, so some things stay the same.

I actually started early with the food, stopping at a Sheetz on the way and deciding that what I needed at 10 in the morning was The Big Mozz, a delicious burger they came up with that has mozzarella cheese sticks, provolone and marinara on board, and probably all sorts of terrible for me.  I’ll probably have one again next time I’m heading that way.

Thursday night we finished setup fairly late, our restock made sorting take some serious time so we found a Quaker Steak and Lube to eat at.  Always a solid place, we enjoyed chowing down on some wings done right and made plans for our other two nights, both locations featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

The first was a grilled cheese bar called Melt.  I had Parma, Italy, and it was divine.  You can tell the bread is homemade, and the sandwiches are so big it’s hard to actually eat the fries along with it.  We were all very full, very tired and very satisfied at the end of it, and waddled our way back to the van.  Next time, I hope we can do this without the rain.



The second was a return to Schmidt’s, the traditional Ohayocon visit to a German restaurant that just can’t be beat.  The wait was a little on the long side, but well worth it for all you can eat sausage and cream puffs the size of a large plate in diameter.  Seriously, these things were huge.  No pictures because we were so hungry we ate everything before anyone thought about taking pictures.  Just #CleanPlateClub for us!



Most of the rest of the weekend was fun, silliness, meeting some Twitter denizens in the real life, and hearing the dulcet tones of at least one person playing “Pocket Mortys” in our off times.  Rick and Morty is kind of the fad right now.

Thanks Ohayocon, for being a fun convention- we’ll be back!

Time to end this here, but I’ll come up with something more to say for Katsucon.