Shipping Delays

A final update on the situation with the Da Capo orders.

All outstanding orders will be processed tomorrow (Monday) morning.

Should anyone have any questions regarding their orders, do not hesitate to contact our support staff at support AT

We appreciate everyone’s understanding.

Scheduled Site Maintenance

The Hendane!.com store will be down for site maintenance for the next few hours. We will let everyone know once things are back live again.

Your patience is always appreciated. m(_ _)m

Changes to Our International Shipping Policies

There have been some changes added to our international shipping policies. Due to the low volume of orders right now, we are currently stopping our $2 (for Canada) and $4 (for Europe and the rest of the world) per item shipping policy. Until shipping volume increases (hopefully when we have more inventory!) those options […]

2011 Convention Schedule

Greetings customer types, this is your peddler of otaku fun times speaking.

The schedule for 2011 is now available on the site. Some of you may notice events that we attended last year that we do not have listed currently. At the time our list was compiled, some of these conventions had not announced […]

2011 Convention Schedule…?

We apologize that the schedule still hasn’t been posted on the site. For the most part, we are returning to the events we attended back in 2010. Use that as a marker until we get the schedule up…which should be soon!

Again, we apologize humbly for the delays. m(_ _)m