[Doujinshi] Circle Shigunyan

It’s been a while since my last article about doujins, but I’m back! So let’s cut straight to the chase and talk about the circle that we’ll be covering today. The topic of today’s blog post is going to be the rather prolific and series-spanning group, Shigunyan!

If you’re unfamiliar with the group, congratulations, you’re in good company because I was unfamiliar with the group too. After doing a little bit of research though, I’ve found that Shigunyan really uh… has a lot of stuff, actually. Some of it isn’t even hentai, but that’s not the sort of thing we cover in this blog so it doesn’t matter. Shigunyan doesn’t focus on one series or even a few series’ either. They have a wide variety of material, ranging from the common and typical in Touhou and Vocaloid to the old-school in To Heart 2 to the “Not sure why this exists” in Harry Potter. Also as a note, if you like catgirls, you can probably just stop at this group because so does Shigunyan. If a girl doesn’t have cat ears or a tail, you can bet by god that this group will find a way to make the girl have them, usually without any sort of explanation. Which really, is the best sort of explanation, isn’t it?

Including but not limited to: Witches, tengu, hermits, umbrella youkai…

Shigunyan’s art style is pretty standard art style that has a somewhat cutesy, soft air about it. Wide eyes, mostly curves when it comes to lines, and usually the girls will have big busts. Some of them are just big while others are biiiiiiig, so if you’re really into large breasts, titjobs, or really anything to deal with tits, here’s another group that is perfect for you. However, there are some exceptions to that where you can get delicious flat chest instead, so if that’s your cup of tea, you can find it with this group as well (but it’s a very rare blend).

Storywise, you’re looking at plots that contain pure lovelove hardcore sexing and other plots that contain rape hardcore sexing. Without a doubt, you’re going to be getting a lot of sex in these doujins and there’s really nothing that deep about it. So if you’re looking for something quick to read and, you know, enjoy, you can’t really go wrong with this group’s material. Their sex scenes are drawn particularly well and you can really get into them regardless of whether or not you like the source material.

And it gave us this page, which caused me to laugh far too much. (Note: Original doujin is full of L content.)

Unfortunately, not a lot of their doujins are translated to English yet so if you want a little sneak peek at what you’re looking at, you’re not going to get a lot of choices. Still, frankly, for a group like this, you really don’t need to understand everything because this is light-plot plus. Of course, for some reason, some of the Harry Potter ones are translated and I gave them a look. It was a little jarring, to say least, since the Harry Potter fandom isn’t something I really pay attention to.

I sort of strayed off-topic, but in the end, Shigunyan is a great circle to be looking at if you like big (or in some cases, small) tits, catgirls, and lots of rampant sex. So if any of those press any of your buttons, this is definitely one of the groups you can count on to deliver. We even carry some of their books, with their Gurren Lagaan book and Panty and Stocking currently in stock, so check it out!

Shigunyan’s Pixiv

[Doujin Game] Eryi’s Action

Today’s article is going to be a game made by our old and good friends at Nyu Media. We’re talking about a cute, cheerful, brightly-colored platformer with a laid-back story and easy controls. The overworld music is bright and peppy, the art is quite childish, and its style is a nice fit with the other doujin games that Nyu Media is bringing over to the English-speaking community. This game also has one more thing going for it.

This game, Eryi’s Action (already available on its website and also on Steam Greenlight (go vote for it)), hates you. It hates you, it hates life, and it hates the belief that you can someday beat it.

Eryi’s Action is a doujin game quite similar to cult classics such as Kaizo Mario World (the mod that hated you so much that it had to make another) and I Wanna Be The Guy. As such, going into this, you should expect to be killed. A lot. Eryi’s Action is (slightly) kinder in that you’re given infinite lives as well as checkpoints in the middle of stages, which frankly, is probably a really good idea on the part of the creator because having save points makes the frustration value of trying to complete a game that much less.

I wasn’t joking earlier about the art or the feel of the game at all, by the way. It’s quite cutesy and light-hearted looking. Even the iron pan that fell out of the ceiling when I was leaving the first screen didn’t deter me. Then I walked down into a slight dip on the next screen and immediately got killed. That’s when I realized that this game was a cruel, cruel beast of a thing.

This room will kill you somehow.

What followed was a never-ending gauntlet of trying to complete the first stage despite mishaps such as invisible blocks, things that pop out of the ground, accidentally making it impossible to progress in the stage, and finally giving up because after reaching the end flag, a giant spiked nut fell from the sky and killed me during the auto-walk sequence.

It’ll go lower. Much lower.

Eryi’s Action does have a few extra tricks to the usual bag of “Fuck you” tricks that kill-you-every-time platformers bring out. For instance, you can actually pick things up and throw them (which resulted in one of my deaths because I accidentally threw a jump item over the top of the ledge I needed it for). It provides some variety to what you’re looking at as well as making it possible to flip off some of the game’s bullshit (like that falling nut at the end). The variety of traps is actually quite creative, with the ways the game will try to kill you not always being the same “oh look a hidden block over a pit” variety. The game also does a lot of deviation from the norm, including a Final Fantasy-styled battle, a racing segment, and other elements to break out of the “going to kill you horribly” platforming. Though, those sections are basically going to kill you horribly too.

If you’ve played these sorts of games before, I think you know the amount of satisfaction you feel within your heart when you finally clear a gauntlet of death and reach the first check point. If you haven’t played these types of games before, then you should know that there are few things more satisfying than getting past a ton of obstacles and seeing that checkpoint get saved. Even if it’s just by remembering where all the death is and honing reflexes, it’s quite satisfying.

And to that end, if you’ve ever wanted to just see what the fuss was about, you should get it. It’s difficult, but Nyu Media has done a good job with localizing it and bringing it over to these shores. It’s fun, the music is catchy, and art is nice and storybookish, and really it’s worth the money you’ll pay for it even if it’s just because you’ll be spending hours trying to complete it. It’s also nice enough to have a windowed and a full screen mode. If I had to file any complaints, it would be in the game’s overall length. The game isn’t terribly long at all, and frankly I would’ve liked to see another few levels involved.

And like it suggests on the site, if you don’t want to play it for yourself, buy it for someone else and don’t tell them a thing about it. Watch as they start it up, read that goofy storyline, and then immediately die a few moments after.


It’s the best.

Eryi’s Action Official Website
Nyu Media’s Official Website

[Doujinshi] Circle Aneko no Techo

It’s time for your favorite weekly blog update and to start things off, I have a quick question that I’m sure you’ll be able to answer about the subject of this post (ignore the fact that the post title gives it away). Which artist has not only drawn and written a goddamn mountain of H-doujins consisting of both straight and lesbian material, had one of his H-mangas animated, consistently participates in Comiket and has a wide variety of material covering things from Yuru Yuri to Code Geass, has written several one-shots for various H-magazines, has a pair of characters in the ero-prolific Queen’s Blade Rebellion series, and even has several regular mangas published and available in the grand ol’ United States? You (probably) know him, you (might) love him, the subject of today’s article is going to be the center of the circle Aneko no Techo, Koume Keito!

If you aren’t familiar with the name, let me just fill in the blanks on that giant-ass question I had before. Aneko no Techo seems to have series ADD in that they jump from series to series with very little in relation (although I have noticed there sure are a lot of lesbians in it, so I have to say that I wholeheartedly approve). But you’re looking at a library that has Code Geass, Yuru Yuri, Rosen Maiden, Shinrabanshou, Strike Witches, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, Working, Madoka, Dennou Coil, and Shinryaku! Ika Musume. His anime is The Pollinic Girls Attack. His Queen’s Blade Rebellion characters are Yuit and Vante. Now, one of his manga that’s available in the US is Kujibuki Unbalance, which you may know from the delightful and wonderful manga series called Genshiken. But the big one is that he’s the artist to The Introduction to Basic Economics, or in other words, Spice & Wolf.

All Spice & Wolf has taught me is that I need a hot animalgirl who’s also a goddess in order to become a good merchant.

Now, let’s get to the bread and butter of this article. Namely, the art. Koume Keito’s art style is super distinctive. I mean that. It’s recognizable just from a glance, which is why it blew my mind when I saw the Spice & Wolf manga. It’s kind of hard to pick it up and see “Shit, I know this artist drew porn.” But anyway, let’s get to the point. Koume Keito (and Aneko no Techo) has a really rigid art style. If you remember my article on Red-Sight, it’s somewhat similar to theirs, except Koume Keito’s has a lot more shading styles instead of a flat black/white art style. Keito’s men also tend to have really square jaws (which isn’t a bad thing) as well as more squarish eyes while the girls have more rounded features. Makes sense.

There’s a lot of detail in his artwork and it really shows through in the Spice & Wolf manga. Holo’s giant wisewolf form really comes out in his drawings and even with regular clothes, he manages to make them look fitting and also amazingly beautiful. Especially Holo’s bandana thingie which is hnnng because oh my god I love those types of things. The only real knock against his art style is that he ends towards the flat and the loli-looking figures most of the time, so if you don’t like that sort of stuff, it may turn you off. He certainly can draw big-breasted figures (hi Vante) and he certainly has, but considering the subject matter of most of his doujins, you’re still trending towards the small breasts and figure.

So. This really took longer than I thought it’d take to find a good picture. There are a lot more handful-sized tits than I expected.

Either way, Koume Keito is a prolific author and artist and really, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t look at any of his doujins, let alone his art in Spice & Wolf. There’s a definite reason why he’s been so successful and that all comes down to his art style and how wonderful he makes his characters look. If you get a chance, take a look. Once again, you won’t regret it.

I just wanted another excuse to use this.

Wait a minute, I just realized I didn’t really speak about the porn. It’s uh…well, really it depends on what it is. I have to say, the ones I’ve read have the goofiest premises. Like the Yuru Yuri one which is “TODAY’S CLUB ACTIVITY IS BODY PAINTING”. The WORKING! One where it’s “Yamada wants to strengthen family bonds through rampant lesbian and straight sex” (which, while that’s how a family gets started, is kind of missing the point). Or the Strike Witches one with “METAL PENISES WILL RECHARGE OUR MAGIC ENERGY.” And then on the other hand, there’s The Ocean Meets the Sky, which has a beautiful, thoughtful story and with ero on the side (with a nice helping of comedy).

So….yeah. Mostly plotless (or a hilaaarious excuse for a plot) which immediately leads to rampant sexings, may it be lesbian or straight. Can’t go wrong with that, can you?


Koume Keito’s Official Website

[Doujinshi] Circle Udon-ya

It’s your friendly neighborhood yurifan writing another doujin article and today, our focus… is not actually going to be on a yuri-centered doujin group. Astounding, right? Apparently someone took heed of my complaint about too much Pretty Cure and decided to give my Monster Hunter instead. Now, when I say Monster Hunter, what do you think of first? Is it the Kirin armor wearing girl getting banged from all sides? Because that’s a close guess, but the subject of today’s article is going to be the prolific doujin group, Udon-ya!

Now, you might wonder what Udon-ya does and I’m here to tell you that their work is…oh…90% Monster Hunter. And that’s a low-ball number. While the artist, Kizuki Aruchu, has done some work on H-magazines and has his own manga called Maid Bride, when you look at doujins, you’re looking at so much Monster Hunter. And if you have a problem with that, you’re goddamn crazy. The group has also done a few Fate/Stay Night and Hollow Ataraxia doujins and even has a Haruhi doujin.

That art! That hair! Those tits! You can find out how to buy all of that here! Just click!

But like I said, this is Monster Hunter land and you are going to love every second of it. Udon-ya is a great doujin group with very beautiful art and even if het isn’t your thing, Udon-ya’s work might just convince you to give them a shot. Their doujins have nice detail, a nice bit of humor, and of course, a whole lot of sex. There isn’t much of a storyline, to be fair. Their doujins generally follow a trend of “Beautiful monster hunter in revealing armor goes off hunting, either alone or with a group, and then she totally gets fucked/raped by some male hunters”. The males are usually pretty goofy and the humor material, except they become superheroes when it’s SEX TIME because they’re really good at it (surprise, doujin). Don’t always expect “LET’S PLAN FOR RAPE” as the plotline all the time either, because there are some touching actual love stories sprinkled in the series.

When you make as many MH doujins as these guys have, you can expect to see callback and cameos and Udon-ya’s Monhan series is no different. Once in a while it’ll reference an earlier doujin (and helpfully give you a summary if you somehow missed reading the previous ones, you horrible fiend) and despite the rather elementary plotlines, it actually does give a little depth to the characters so it’s always a nice touch. By the way, if you hate the part in the end where the girl getting raped begins to super enjoy it wants to get superraped from then on, Udon-ya’s doujins are going to make you happy because generally, the dudes get their asses handed them after all the sex (because they’ve powered down to being comedy, you see).

By the way, that Felyne? 50% chance that cat is a pervert too. Just saying. You may find Felyne shenanigans.

I don’t think I need to say that Udon-ya is extremely popular so you can find copies of it online as well as scanlated. You can also buy it in the Hendane! shop, so nicely linked to you in the picture above. Speaking as a yuri fan, you really can’t go wrong with at least taking a cursory look at their work. Udon-ya’s art style is absolutely wonderful and he draws very nice looking women (of course if you’re fond of flat chests, you might want to look somewhere else). I honestly cannot think of a single thing to complain about concerning Udon-ya’s doujins, so if you get the chance, give them a look. I promise that you won’t regret it.

This. This right here is what you’ll have. Side Note: I don’t like GIMP. Or gimps.

Udon-Ya’s Official Website
Udon-Ya’s Pixiv

[Doujinshi] Circle Acid Eaters

For some reason it feels like it hasn’t been a week since my last article. I dunno. Maybe I’m high. Either way, I’m back with a new entry and this time, by popular request (one, I think?), I’ll be covering a group called Acid Eaters. And by group called Acid Eaters, I really mean I’ll be covering an author/artist named Kazuma Muramasa because that’s who’s credited as the author/artist for the group and I can’t find any other information about Acid Eaters besides the artist. And not only that, but Kazuma Muramasa has a lot more stuff outside the Acid Eaters circle so… better article, I believe.

But anyway, let’s start with the circle’s contributions to the wonderful world of doujins first. Frankly, I had no goddamn clue who this group was until I bothered looking up the name on a certain H-doujin compilation site because…well, I had never heard it. Turns out I actually had read one of their doujins before but it was credited under Kazuma’s name instead of the circle’s name. From what I can tell, this is a mostly yuri circle. I say mostly because there’s an Infinite Stratos doujin and I do not know whether or not there are hot dickings in it. Considering what I know of IS, it’s full of hot Charl dickings.

Like a kotatsu, amirite?

Anyway, besides that ONE Infinite Stratos doujin (which I can’t even find), the rest of his stuff is purely Pretty Cure, one of which has actually been scanlated. I don’t know why his work is so…unknown by English audiences, but literally there’s only one doujin transated and even his one-shot stuff in H-magazines are all translated in other languages but like…only one in English.

Speaking of said doujin, you can buy it here! (HINT: Not in English.)

It’s probably cause Acid Eaters is fairly new, its first doujin coming out on…New Year’s Eve of 2010. Well okay. As is the case with most Pretty Cure, this is all yuri (from what I know. There really aren’t that many scanned that I know of) and you’re looking at Cure Beat yuri and then the typical tsundere Hibiki yuri and then their newest one released in C82, Electric Pretty Cure, which is a Cure Peace doujin if the naked Cure Peace on the cover didn’t give it away.

Now, that’s already good enough. Nice selection of Pretty Cure yuri (although come one can someone give me a circle that doesn’t just draw PC? It’d be a nice shift). But what’s more important about this Kazuma Muramasa is that he does a hella lot more than just Acid Eaters stuff. You might recognize his work from a little game called Lightning Warrior Raidy. That’s right. Same artist. Goddamn BLEW MY MIND when I first found out then I thought “oh right there sure is a lot of monstergirl lesbian sex in this game ‘saaaaaall good”. He’s also done a certain eroge called Cosplay Fetish Academy that is ALSO in English.

This game. This one right here. This is Raidy. Thank god for convenient hair censors.

Wait what the fuck, why are his eroge in English and not his H-magazine one-shots or his doujins. That’s bullshit. Goddamn. Someone needs to fix this problem. Not me, because I certainly don’t have the money to commission this shit or buy a hard copy for myself, but surely you, the loyal readers of this blog, can do it. So uh…chop chop. Get to it. Dude has a really, really nice art style and a ton of yuri (and het stuff in the H-magazines) that’s untranslated so you should get to it.

Of course, the Lightning Warrior Raidy magazine one-shots are all translated from what I can tell because goddamn. Lightning Warrior Raidy. Lesbian monstergirls. You can’t go that wrong with that, can you?

PS: Dude doesn’t have a pixiv what
PPS: His official website has a shitton of random fan-art from stuff like Zegapain, Idolmaster, Aquarion EVOL, Ragnarok Online, and original art as well.
PPPS: Dude also has a pack of alternate Kafra art if, for some reason, you’re stuck in the last decade and you still play Ragnarok Online for some reason.

Acid Eater (Kazuma Muramasa)’s Official Website