Request Service

Unfortunately, Hen Da Ne does not currently support requests for specific books. We are happy to take suggestions for our lineup, however we simply lack the ability to obtain grocery lists of doujinshi. There are several reasons for this, so let me address them.

1) Product Availability: With the sheer bulk of doujinshi, it is as if Japan is an endless fountain of fanworks. However finding one specific book, new or not, is excruciatingly difficult depending on the product, popularity, and several other factors. Oftentimes our finding a particular book is solely based upon luck.

2) Staff Shortages: The fact is, we simply do not currently have enough staff to field every individual request, especially with the current amount of people requesting them. We appreciate all of your support as customers, but cannot cater to specific people or even groups of people until we have more web monkeys skilled employees working for us.

3) Financial Issues: Ultimately we lack the kind of resources such as a dedicated request tracking system, human or computer, in order to be able to effectively catalogue and respond to requests on any kind of efficient basis. As a result, until we can develop such a system, which itself has its own costs, we can’t really handle requests in an manner that would be terribly beneficial to our bottom line, as we would waste considerable amounts of time and money hunting down requests in a haphazard fashion.

That being said, feel free to email me at support (at) hendane dot com if you’d like to see more of a certain circle or series of titles. I can’t at all promise specific books but I can at least tell the crew what people may be looking for. Think of it as a temporary compromise until things get more settled down. Until then, thank you all for your patience in implementing a more efficient system.


Hen Da Ne Inc. Webmaster