[Doujinshi] Circle Ririadoll

What, did you think this was going to be written by a guest author?

Too bad! It’s just Re-oh wait nope it’s a guest author again since Regris is going to be busy this week.

Anyway, last time I wrote about the awesome yuri-doujin/manga making group called Energia. This time I’ll be writing […]

[Doujinshi] Circle Energia

What, did you think this was going to be written by Regris?

Too bad! It’s just a guest author again!

Anyway, today I’ll be talking about a doujin circle named Energia that I found out about thanks to the amazing Puella Magi Madoka Magica doujins they released in recent Comikets. They didn’t actually start […]

[Doujinshi, Touhou] Circle FLIPFLOPs

Haha, two weeks in a row! I can’t make Tythanin write all of my articles for me, after all. Today I’m going to talk a little bit about a fan favorite, the circle FLIPFLOPs. Ah, where to start with this circle. For me, at least, FLIPFLOPs was one of the earlier doujin circles I […]

[Doujinshi] Circle Atelier Miyabi

If you are into the yuri genre at all, you have probably heard or seen Atelier Miyabi’s work. The name of this circle comes from the main artist’s name, Fujieda Miyabi, an artist that has been doing works for a long time and specializing in primarily humorous or romantic yuri. Atelier Miyabi’s focus is […]