Charity Doujinshi for Disaster Relief in Japan

As many you may know, on March 11 of this year the Tohoku Earthquake caused widespread damage and loss of life with recovery efforts that continue to this day. Joining alongside others who have made the efforts to support disaster relief in the Tohoku region, Hendane! has teamed up with the Japanese Society for International Cultivation of Mutual Friendship to sell a doujinshi for the sake of disaster relief. The doujinshi, titled “Little Hands” features gorgeous illustrations from a veritable who’s who of Japanese artists including a number of international artists as well. Proceeds from the sale of this doujinshi will go directly to the Japanese Red Cross for the sake of disaster relief in Japan. This doujinshi will go on sale at Anime Expo this weekend and will also be made available at Otakon and online sales.

Hit the jump for more details on participating artists and samples from the doujinshi itself.

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Touhou Tuesdays

After a rather long delay, we’ve begun putting up doujinshi from the ever popular Touhou Project series of games. For our customers who are hoping for some fine ero, you will have to wait for another update as we are focusing on the more work-safe variety of material.

We’ve got some fantastic books from […]

Doujin Sundays

We’re trying to stay busy as we continue barreling towards the last leg of 2010. Some small changes have been made to the site to make things a bit more navigable. A link to the latest products up on the site has been added to the sidebar. Normally, only 6 new products are displayed […]