[Doujinshi] Circle Shigunyan

It’s been a while since my last article about doujins, but I’m back! So let’s cut straight to the chase and talk about the circle that we’ll be covering today. The topic of today’s blog post is going to be the rather prolific and series-spanning group, Shigunyan!

If you’re unfamiliar with the group, […]

[Doujinshi] Circle Aneko no Techo

It’s time for your favorite weekly blog update and to start things off, I have a quick question that I’m sure you’ll be able to answer about the subject of this post (ignore the fact that the post title gives it away). Which artist has not only drawn and written a goddamn mountain of […]

[Doujinshi] Circle Udon-ya

It’s your friendly neighborhood yurifan writing another doujin article and today, our focus… is not actually going to be on a yuri-centered doujin group. Astounding, right? Apparently someone took heed of my complaint about too much Pretty Cure and decided to give my Monster Hunter instead. Now, when I say Monster Hunter, what do […]

[Doujinshi] Circle Acid Eaters

For some reason it feels like it hasn’t been a week since my last article. I dunno. Maybe I’m high. Either way, I’m back with a new entry and this time, by popular request (one, I think?), I’ll be covering a group called Acid Eaters. And by group called Acid Eaters, I really mean […]

[Doujinshi] Circle 434 Not Found

It’s time for your neighborhood blog yurifan to write another article again! It’s been quite some time since I’ve done anything here, but hey, someone gave me a subject so I might as well follow up on it! Today, I’ll be talking about a circle that I’m particularly familiar with and by […]