Vocaloid Wednesdays

Otakon is on the horizon so there hasn’t been much time for news of any sort. However, in our lack of updates we make up in…slightly exciting occasional updates.

On the heels of our successful partnership with several Vocaloid circles during Anime Expo, we’ve held aside a number of these fine Vocaloid products for […]

Shipping Delays

A final update on the situation with the Da Capo orders.

All outstanding orders will be processed tomorrow (Monday) morning.

Should anyone have any questions regarding their orders, do not hesitate to contact our support staff at support AT hendane.com.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding.

Touhou Tuesdays

After a rather long delay, we’ve begun putting up doujinshi from the ever popular Touhou Project series of games. For our customers who are hoping for some fine ero, you will have to wait for another update as we are focusing on the more work-safe variety of material.

We’ve got some fantastic books from […]

Doujin Sundays

We’re trying to stay busy as we continue barreling towards the last leg of 2010. Some small changes have been made to the site to make things a bit more navigable. A link to the latest products up on the site has been added to the sidebar. Normally, only 6 new products are displayed […]

Shipping Updates and Delays

Greetings from YoumaCon! The Hendane!.com staff is scattered all over the Western world for a variety of conventions this weekend and for the next couple of weekends. Unfortunately, this means that we will not be able to process and send out orders until at least November 16, 2010. We humbly apologize for the delays…among […]